Meet Our Staff

South Bay Bariatrics Staff


Surgical Assistant & Practice Manager

Chris Haskell

Chris has been with our practice since 1993 when South Bay Bariatrics was established.      A Licensed Practical Nurse and Surgical 1st Assistant, Chris works side by side with           Dr. McKeen to ensure each weight loss surgery is performed at our highest of standards and without incident. She is also there to welcome you into the O.R. and notifies your care team upon completion of your procedure. 

On the office side of our practice, Chris is our billing and practice manager. Chris works with our medical assistants to verify insurance benefits for our patients and is willing to discuss any questions you may have regarding your account.


South Bay Bariatrics Administration Manager

Kelly Corral

Kelly has been a part of South Bay Bariatrics since 2005. Kelly combines her extensive management experience with her office expertise to provide the leadership to make your experience as comfortable as possible. She manages our medical assistant team to provide the care and confidence while assisting in your weight loss journey.

Kelly always works with our medical billing manager to ensure your financial experience with our office is fair and efficient.